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Basicneeds.ph Corporation promotes positive Consumerism, focusing on the interests of consumers, we created a platform where competitively priced goods with margin sharing in the form of rebates will be its core module. Low priced goods will encourage people to buy and spend more in basic commodities, and the impact of which, will be both beneficial to consumers, merchants and manufacturers. Basicneeds.ph Corporation firmly believe that Consumerism will greatly aid in the improvement of our Country's economy.
Care for our country, help us uplift the lives of Filipinos.


Randel C. Ramirez


Basicneeds.ph Corporation



Our Mission
To uplift the lives of Filipino People by Promoting Consumerism through quality and low priced basic commodities and share its margin in the form of rebates.
Our Vision
Our Filipino families enjoying high quality living standard.
Our Country, Philippines, with unparalleled  economic growth.
Our Company, Basicneeds.ph Corp. as leader in commodity distribution in the Philippines.
Corporate Structure
President: Randel C. Ramirez
Vice President: Atty. Anthony Mendoza
Corporate Treasurer: Arlene C. Ramirez
Corporate Secretary: Anna Lissa Cuenca
Chief Marketing Officer: John Terrado
Chief Business Development Officer: Stella Bederi
Chief Expansion Officer: Buck Bederi
Logistics Head: Arnold Sumera



Basicneeds.ph Corp.

Mamalengke online is a creation of BNC it was designed to cater the needs of everyone by providing a hassle free grocery experience thru online shopping. The business concept of BNC is simple to acquire maximum discount from suppliers by purchasing bulk orders, these discounts are then given back to our patrons as rebates.

We strive hard to minimize our opex, one is to avoid the need for warehouses, our suppliers deliver products directly to our Depots or Centers and through careful planning and strategic positioning were able to minimize expenses, enabling us to give patrons more  rebates.
We work best with Cooperative livelihood programs, Schools and Government agencies. We provide complete and easy to do business to person, people or any entity with drive and passion. We are crossing the boarder by initiating talks with potential Depot abroad and we will continue to uplift the lives of Filipino people.
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